Historical Data

Net Energy determines settlement prices for the forward curves of all of its products each business day dating back to 2008. These settlement prices are derived from deep market data coverage, broad industry knowledge of our pricing desk, and represent the prices at which our markets end each trading session. They are an excellent source of data with which to determine market volatility, correlations, and other factors that assist in analyzing trading risks. 

All of this data can be downloaded easily from our data export page. As such, clients have the ability to access, download, and integrate an expansive collection of historical statistics into their own risk management system or our ORCA (Oil Risk Credit & Accounting) system for further analysis.

The following features are available:

    This is the settlement prices for all of our major markets that represent that closing price for each product, updated daily.

    A download of all trades made by the customer on our system, updated in real time.

    Net Energy produces exclusive indexes such as the Canadian Daily Index, the NE Monthly Index, the US Daily Index, US Monthly Index and NGL Daily Index.

    This new enhanced feature is part of our ORCA system. Customizable upon request.

 Historical Data Package Options



The WCS/HEAVY/SYNTHETIC package offers settlement prices for all the key Heavy and Synthetic markets available in Canada. 

For more in-depth information on specific prices and times of trades throughout a day the WCS/HEAVY/SYNTHETIC can also be packaged with trade ticks. This package will show time and price of each trade to the day for more options in analysis.



The SWEET/SOUR/C5+ package offers settlement prices for all the key Sweet Sour and C5+ markets available in Canada. 

The SWEET/SOUR/C5+ package can also add detailed daily times and prices to the historical package similar to the Heavy package.





If the financial markets and all of the physical markets for crude interest you, you can choose to purchase a combo package that allows you to get all the historical settlement information from Net Energy’s entire product suite for a lower bundled price. The combo package includes the WCC Package, the WCS/HEAVY/SYNTHETIC package and the SWEET/SOUR/C5+ package all in one contained dataset. 

A full comprehensive combo of all available packages can be purchased for even more of a discount. The comprehensive package will include both WCS/HEAVY/SYNTHETIC and SWEET/SOUR/C5+, coupled with the additional trade ticks of both of these groups.


Package updates can be purchased to bring your data up to current date. This package allows you to maintain a current dataset and keep up with changing volatility and market conditions, as frequently as you require it.

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