Platform Access

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Our mission is to provide real-time, cost-efficient, web-enabled technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing company systems.

With view only or company trader access options,there is a package available to meet your company's business requirements.

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Single User View-Only 

Single user view allows one user access to our secured trading platform on a read-only basis. The user is restricted from entering orders  and  making trades.

This level of access provides the user with real-time quotes and transactions plus a three-month rolling history, nightly settlement prices, daily and monthly price indices, and our Canadian crude oil news service.

Multiple User View-Only

The same features as the single-user service, but with unlimited users per company.

Both these options are available for a three-month free trial.

Trading Access - Unlimited Users

Trading access allows you to place orders on the platform either through your broker or by using the Direct Drive feature. Direct Drive gives the user the ability to perform trades directly on the system with no broker assistance.

Transaction fees apply for each trade you make.

The trading subscription fee allows for an unlimited number of users to view and trade on the platform. Each month any trading fees you  incur will be  offset against the subscription fee.