ne2 Group

CALGARY office

Founded in 2005 in Calgary, Alberta, we are the original crude oil brokerage and premier electronic trading platform in Canada.  Our team of innovators are committed to providing dependable technology solutions for energy trading and risk management demands. We’re pleased to be granted interim recognition as Crude Oil Derivatives Exchange for financial products in Canada in 2016 and registered as an Introducing Broker in the United States.


hOUSTON office

In 2012 we expanded our energy trading desk to Houston, Texas. With direct access to energy companies situated in the US Gulf Coast region, our trading team is well-positioned to facilitate transactions in North America and overseas to the Asian Pacific.  We’re pleased to have Introducing Broker status with the U.S. National Futures Association, as high standards and compliance with derivatives regulation is a fundamental part of our business.



We connect motivated buyers and sellers in a fair, secure online trading platform to discover price and transact in real-time. Our knowledgeable and experienced trading desks are continually developing and expanding into new markets, currently offering over 500 physical energy and financial products. We also offer a user-friendly view of live crude oil markets, exclusive indexes and reliable forward price curves for multiple streams for both physical and financially settled products. With customers from over 350 companies and 2500 users worldwide, we are trusted to provide exceptional solutions for your energy trading and risk management demands.



Ne2 Pacific

It has been a long-time goal of Net Energy's to expand into the Asian Energy Marketplace.  With the growing exports of North American products into the area, the timing is perfect to establish a presence in the region. Based in Tokyo, Japan, ne2 Pacific will provide energy market expertise to traders and a state-of-the-art commodity trading platform.   The new platform will have direct access to the TOCOM futures contracts and international currency exchange ready for the summer of 2019.  For more information visit: